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Drawbacks of traditional hosting pricing models

A disadvantage of traditional hosting services is their fixed monthly pricing, which can lead to users paying for resources they don't utilize. The missing flexibility makes it impossible to modify the allocated resources to fit the users needs. This requires users to pay for more resources to cover peak usage.

Running without players
Reducing RAM not possible
$ 2.96 / 72h
Here you can see the example usage of a gameserver on a traditional host, running all the time with a fixed amount of RAM. It’s not possible to turn the server off or reduce the allocated resources to reduce cost.

Our pricing model: Adapting to your needs

Gameservers on exaroton don't have a fixed monthly price. You are only charged for the time you actually use your server. Running a server on exaroton costs 1 credit per GB of RAM per hour. For example, if you select 2 gigabytes of RAM for your server and run it for 4 hours, you would pay 8 credits.

8 credits
4 hours x 2 GB RAM
= 8 credits ($ 0.09)
1h 8m
1h 8m x 2 GB GB RAM
= 2.27 credits ($ 0.02)
2h 24m
9.60 credits
2h 24m x 4 GB GB RAM
= 9.60 credits ($ 0.1)
4h 37m
9.23 credits
4h 37m x 2 GB GB RAM
= 9.23 credits ($ 0.1)
23.45 credits
≈ $ 0.25 / 72h
This diagram shows example usage of a gameserver on exaroton which is offline during breaks to eat or sleep. The RAM is increased temporarily to cover higher player counts during a specific session.


Up to 10 credits / 30 days
We save your server for you while you are not playing. Used credits are deducted from the storage costs.
Up to 10 GB can be stored per server.

One simple price

1 credit / 1GB GB RAM / 1 hour
100 credits = $ 1.1
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Fully Customizable

Adjust everything on your server the way you like it and make it your game.

DDOS Protected

Your game server is fully DDOS protected to keep you safe from attacks.

Automatic Backups

You can create backups automatically on your Google Drive.

Excellent Support

If you need help, we are here to help.
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